TOP 10 : Halloween Costume Ideas

Don't think there is a holiday we love to celebrate more than Halloween. What's more fun than slasher movies, candy, witchcraft, dress up and fake blood? Basically nothing. Here are the current 10 Halloween costume ideas we can't decide between!



 Oversized cableknit sweater, Levis 501s, blonde wig, knife and GIANT 90s portable phone. Blood recommended. 

2. VIVIAN WARD, Pretty Woman

You can go au natural curly red mane or utilize the same blonde wig from #1 for this iconic Julia Roberts moment. Just add the cut out tye-dye bodycon dress, red blazer, hoops and thigh high boots. Walkman optional. 

3. "ALL THE WAY" MAE MORDABITO, A League of Their Own

It's no secret we love Madonna (our namesake inspiration!) You can find the uniform easily here. Just add red lips, 50's brunette coif, some smokes, a Brooklyn accent and some sass to bring everybody's favorite Rockford Peach to life.  

4. DENISE HUXTABLE, The Cosby Show

Denise Huxtable was a true style icon. Oversized layers, mixing patterns and funky 90s hats are key for achieving Lisa Bonet's babedom.


To embody the queen of tejana you'll need her signature sparkly purple jumpsuit OR a rhinestone bustier and a mic. 

6. COLUMBIA + MAGENTA, The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Don't dream it, be it! Great duo costume from the 70's cult classic. For Columbia you need classic blue striped pajamas, red hair, cat eye makeup and mickey mouse ears. Magenta rocks the classic sexy french maid ensemble...just add a blow dryer!

7. ALEXANDRA, JANE + SUKIE, The Witches of Eastwick

The perfect group costume for a trio of friends! Also, general life hair goals. Don't forget the bowl of cherries!


Another great trio costume! Go heavy on bright colors, baggy layers and crop top/overall combo to get the look of the queens of R&B. For T-Boz, you'll need some clips for long wispy bangs, for Chilli, big pigtails and for Left Eye, the signature face paint under the left eye (or throw a condom on it!) 


This one is perfect if you are looking for a big group costume! For the iconic Laura Palmer, you'll need a lot of pale make up to make you look like a corpse, just wrap yourself in a shower curtain and voila! For Audrey Horne you'll want a plaid skirt, some saddle shoes and a cherry on top (bonus party trick if you can tie the stem with your tongue!) Log Lady rocks granny glasses with a log. Shelly the waitress, Special Agent Dale Cooper, Nadine with the eye patch...there are so many good costumes here you could go on and on! 

10. CATWOMAN, Batman Returns

Michelle Pfeiffer in a catsuit. Need we say more?

xo Holiday Celebrate